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Billy Peek’s musical journey and career have taken him from the mean streets of Tower Grove to Madison Square Garden, London, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and Japan, as well as all the major cities within the
U.S. and Canada!

He is one of only a few who can boast of having over 50 years in the music industry with a worldwide fan base!

“I had seen Billy on television in America, playing with Chuck Berry and he sounded great. I said ‘we’ve got to get him’. I figured that if his rock ‘n’ roll playing was good enough for Chuck Berry, it was probably good enough for me."
Rod Stewart – Rod The Autobiography

“The biggest find was probably Billy Peek, who I happened to see on Midnight Special with Chuck Berry and I’m saying to Woody, (Ron Wood – ex-Faces,current Rolling Stones) look at this guy he can outdo Chuck Berry. He plays Chuck Berry better than Chuck Berry.” Rod Stewart – Rolling Stones Magazine“

To My Loyal Fans, Past, Present and Future:
"Welcome to my new website, have a look around, hoping you’ll find it interesting and enjoyable."
Billy Peek


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